combines effective fundraising (Local Lotto & Club Subscriptions) with regular communications.
This one system approach is aimed at sporting organisations and is intended to provide your club with a system that facilitates all of your fundraising needs.

The Problem:

  • Managing Growth
  • Small team that could not cope with the rapid increase
    in demand
  • Infrastructure scaling problems with the system
    constantly falling over

The Solution:

  • Introduced a Project Manager to bring structure and order to prioritise tasks,
    timelines and plans
  • Installed a Multi-disciplined team of engineers, concentrating on managing Data
    Management and front-end Infrastructure
  • Strategic Input, delivering numerous point solutions interacting with other areas of the

The Outcome:

  • Team of software developers full-time, embedded in the business
  • On-going partnership extending over 5 years
  • Board level participation from Jemstone on strategic direction
    for the business

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